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                         “Meet The Owner”


Hi my name is Eduardo G. Gomez, I am the owner of Lalo’s Auto Services & Repair INC. in the city of Corona. I was born in Guadalajara Mexico. My inspiration to work on cars started when I started looking for an opportunity to become a good mechanic. I wanted to work on cars because it was my passion. My uncle showed me everything he knew about cars, then my dad pushed me to do my best always. Working all together as a team to help others. My inspiration towards owning my own shop was the need to grow up and become an independent business owner. I was about 15 years old when my uncle lost his left arm, so he needed someone to support him and help him out with his shop. So then he decided to train me and show me everything he knew about how to fix cars.

I opened my own mobile shop in 2005, and did jobs everywhere and anytime. Then I knew I had to open a shop to work more professionally. I decided to do so in 2007, and we have been here since then learning new things everyday. I am married, have 3 kids, and as a family we work together here at the shop- it’s a family owned business! My wife runs all my office work and ordering parts process, while my son helps me out in his free time as well. I have been living here in California for about 20 years and have worked this automobile industry since then. As long as we have customers I will always love my job and what I do to keep my customers satisfied.  


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